Entirely manufactured in carbon in a single mould: an unparalleled solidity, strength and lightness.

A real featherweight


Weight is becoming more and more important in the manual wheelchair production. We have created SCUDO postural seatback joining this important concept to our usual attention to design.


Its 500g is an incredible result that sets new lightness standards.


Cushion included







SCUDO represents a perfect lateral containment back-lumbar physiognomic reproduction. This structure aims to significantly improve the posture. The variable radius of the upper and lower edges increases the torso flexing mobility.

Carbon fiber shell


Carbon: the lighter and stronger material you can find

This elements is SCUDO’s secret

Comfortable and extremely manageable.

Its design, joined with an extremely ease of use, is ready to seduce you

Make it fit

to your style



Its structure easily adapts to 90% of manual wheelchairs, giving the user in their normal ride attitude the chance to adjust the seatback angle, height and rotation.

327 mm



254 mm


500 g


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