A seat never seen before

L: 340 mm

H: 380 mm

L: 380 mm

H: 420 mm

L: 420 mm

H: 480 mm

L: 440 mm

H: 520 mm

Multiple combinations


Choose the size that fits better with your needs.

From the smallest to the biggest, combinations that never move away from safety and reliability.

All the information contained in this catalog is purely indicative of general characteristics of our products.

Product images for illustrative purposes only.

Attention to details.

Including those less visible


We have used the advantages of carbon again.

We have created a rigid and extremely safe seat. Its solidity helps to keep a correct posture, avoiding improper movements inside the cushion.

As strong as thin


Rely on 19mm of indestructibility.

The compact seat contributes to MONO’s lightness, making it extremely comfortable and easy to transport.


19 mm

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